Ayan God of all the drummers. The drums
such as  Bata  are the main part to our
festivities for the Orisa. Drumming is a
major part of Yoruba tradition and was
partially  brought to the western world.
Today we can still see here in the western
world examples of this tradition such as
groups like Oko Kan, who are Omo ayan
Bata players of the Lucumi tradition
based in Chicago, Illinois. Bata a two
headed drum is the drum that belongs to
orisa Shango. It is said that Shango once
was the owner of all divination tools,
Opon Ifa Opele,etc. and Orunmila was the
best dancer and musician in the world. to
make a long story short Shango traded
his divine wisdom for the creative power
of dance and music. That is one of the
reasons Shango is known as the greatest
dancer of all.
Celebration in Oyo , Nigeria for the return of Baba Wande Abimbola. Here
you can see the ensemble playing the talking drum.
AYAN has it's own following or priesthood.
People can't choose AYAN, AYAN chooses you.
The drum is said to be the only way for us to
communicate with the Orisas and invite them to
join us in celebration to them. Every beat of the
drum emits a sound wave and it is beleved that
this sound wave is actual physical ASE. The
beats of these drums can attract the Orisa, heal
the sick and bring luck to the unfortunate. We
celebrate and invite our ancestors and the
ORISA to our realm. We seduce them with the
sound of the drum, we ask them to participate.
During a drum celebration The ELEGUN,(one
who dances and has the ability due to a life of
preparation) should dance and make himself
avaliable for the ORISA to posses him. Inthis
process the actual ORISA will take possesion of
the dancer and manifest himself accordingly.
When ORISA has possesed he will make himself
known by speaking in YORUBA. Many times I
have witnessed a supposedly possesed dancer
talking in English,Spanish and so on This should
not be for the ORISA are beings who only speak
speak other languages, actually he can speak all
Juan Fuentes. (center) OMO AYAN,AWO NI