ORUNMILA. His real name is ELA.
Father of wisdom. Witness to creation.
When OLODUMARE created the
universe ,orumila was the only Orisa
allowed to witness all of creation.  
Orunmila is the father of divination, our
only guide through life. Orunmila is IFA.
Those who posses the wisdom of IFA
and have been consecrated are known
as BABALAWO. A Babalawo in western
terms would be compaired to a priest or
a reverend. ONLY Babalawos posses the
power of divination through IFA. Sure well
educated Babalosas or iyalosas can
divine with merindilogun awo or sixteen
shells. That method of divining is not
nearly as precise as IFA  
ORUNMILA. Agboniregun, Eleriipin. It is the common belief in this country and in the Islands that when a person is
consecrated in IFA he automatically is a BABALAWO. To me that is an insult to what  our forefathers going as far
back as to ORUMILA were trying to instill in humanity. There are many years of training and apprenticeship involved
in achieving the status of diviner.
Orunmila is known also as ELERI IPIN,(the witness of fate) AGBONIREGUN, ELA. the name orunmila in some parts
is believed to derive from a story where OLORUN( another name for olodumare) after a long battle recognizes his
brother Ela. Orunmila is second only to god, except for Esu he is the most important of our divinities. Ifa's ASE
derives from the Odu OSE OTURA and Esu is born in the Odu OWONRIN OGBE. Esu Elegbara goes hand in hand
with Orunmila for  Orunmila will provide us with the answers and it is only Esu that can manipulate whatever force
necessary in order to align our lives with our destiny. A Babalawo needs to align himself with ELA, meaning he
should lead a life of prayer,sacrifice and IWA PELE. IWA PELE (good or perfect character). A Babalawo leads a
life of servitude not only to IFA but to humankind.
Ifa temple of Ile Ife. The araba exits amongst awos and
A Babalawo is the highest rank in this belief, he's the representation of Ifa on earth. The Yoruba religion and the Yoruba
nation are both governed by a Monarchy, Beguining With the OONI of Ile Ife. Who is considered to be the Ruler of the people.
The Ooni is alsoserved by the AWO OONI. The Awo ooni (secrets of the ooni) are a special institution who is restricted to
the Ooni and the kingdom of Ife. The Awo ooni rank above any and all Babalawo also they are ranked as follows.
1. ARABA                9.OBAKIN
4.ASEDA                12.JOLOFIPE
5.AKODA               13.MEGBON
6.AMOSUN            14.TEDIMOLE
7.AFEDIGBA          15.ERINMI
8.ADIFOLU            16.ELESI