Elegba, ESU. Most people in the western diaspora know him as
Echu, Elewa,Exu. Esu as he is correctly named is probably one of
the most misunderstood orisa. No one knows exactly how he came
about. IFA explains the fact that ESU existed prior to the creation
of our universe. When  OLODUMARE  began creation he looked
out into the large expanse and saw nothing but darkness. The
darkness was unfit for anything to thrive or live so he created light.
All the stars and our sun. When all the sudden the universe
illuminated this being named ESU. OLODUMARE looked at him
ESU back at OLODUMARE and both asked each other who are
you. OLODUMARE responded by stating who he was and how he
was in the middle of creating the universe. ESU replied kowing that
he lacked the power of creation, "OLODUMARE from this point
on anything you create I will undo". That actually was how EBBO
was born. EBBO  is a sacrifice or offering. We must always offer
EBBO, It is the only way to appease ESU. ESU must always be
appeased and he must always be the first one in anything in order
to avoid his attempts to undo us.
Many believe ESU to be Two faced they also belive that ESU is the
evil one and that ELEWA to be the righteous one. The fact is that
the name ELEWA or ELEGUA is a mispronunciation of ELEGBA.
ELEWA OR ELEGUA was actually a wife of ORUNMILA.
Somehow this change came about in the diaspora after all slaves,
Nigerian natives who spoke Yoruba died off so did their native
tongue "YORUBA"  and what was left behind was a mixture of
BINI, HAUSA, SPANISH and PORTUGUESE. Whats left know is
a mostly incomprehensible mixture of words of what people were
able to remember and write down.
I guess ESU is seemed as a dual entity due to the fact that he can
give you everything but if you do not appease him he can take
away everything. ESU is also the king of the AJOGUN. ESU is the
only intermediary between us and God.