YEMOjA, Yemaja.
Mother of the children of fishes.
The salt water divinity. Yemoja is
actually the divinity of the Ogun
river, the largest river in the
Yoruba territory. Yemoja is also
seen as the mother to
civilization. One of yemojas
many stories explains how after
being betrayed by her tow sons
OGUN and OSOOSI she fell to
the ground and  water started to
flow from her body, creating a
lake which is believed to be the
source of all the rivers in the
world and the river Niger. This
Orisa originates from north of
the Niger in the Nupe region.
There are many stories about yemoja and her many husbands,
Including ORANMIYAN. It is believed that Oranmiyan son of
Odudua was the founder of the town OYO. During this union
they say that yemoja gave birth to three sons DADA
SONPONNA and SHANGO. To my knowledge tere is seven
avatars of Yemoja.
Yemoja maye le wo. She is associated with medicine and
has a close relationship with OSAYIN.
Yemoja ase sun. She is the fresh water spring. The
messenger of Olookun.
Yemoja asaba. Wife to Orunmila. Also she is believed to be
a Iyanifa for she performed divination using the opele and the
opon ifa
Yemoja ogunte. The door keeper of Olookun. She can be
found in deep forests and at the sea shore.
Yemoja awoyo. She symbolizes the wealth found in the
Yemoja konla. Ifofo or sea foam also the surf.

Yemoja akuara. She lives where the river meets the ocean.
This yemoja is also friendly with Osun.